Sartin & Conway - Moche Tour Review

“Just wanted to let you know that Emily and I very much enjoyed our Moche Tour. We appreciate your assistance in putting it together, and loved the guide and hotels you picked out for us.

  • What was your favourite cultural destination in the itinerary?

Excavations at Huaca de la Luna.

Excavations at Huaca de la Luna.

My favorite cultural destination was Huaca de la Luna. Actually seeing the Moche’s ancient concept of one generation building a beautifully designed floor and then having the next generation cover it with bricks to make another beautifully designed floor sort of “in action” was quite amazing.

The detail of the wall work throughout the structure was breathtaking.

  • Who was your guide? How did they perform?

My and my friend’s guide was Dilser from Norte Expedition. He was incredibly kind and knowledgeable about every site and museum we visited. He never rushed us and answered all of our questions.

He even did part of the archaeological excavations on Huaca de la Luna, providing a unique perspective for that site.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge grounds.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge grounds.

  • Which was your favourite accommodation and why?

My favorite accommodation was Moche Lodge - what a glorious place that was. The room and furnishings, scenery, and food all made me feel like I was in a dream. My only regret is that we had just one night there.

  • Which was your favourite restaurant / dish / drink?

My favorite meal was the ceviche at Hotel El Sombrero in Huanchaco.

I also really enjoyed Peru’s purple corn drink, Chicha Morada.

  • What forms of transport did you use? Pros/cons?

We were in a personal car, which was quick and efficient. I was grateful we weren’t in a bulky tourist van.

  • Did your itinerary involve any hiking? How would you rate it in terms of difficulty?

No hiking.

  • What was the most pointless item in your luggage!?

A nice dress. My other clothes were more than sufficient.

  • What was your favourite natural encounter?

We got to pet a Peruvian Inca Orchid, which is the hairless dog.

  • Did you suffer any insect bites? Other physical discomforts?


  • Did you have much interaction with locals? Where and how did this occur?

We had a few interactions, but I would have enjoyed more. We interacted with locals at the family outdoor restaurant we ate at, in the shops and markets, and at the museums.

(One day of our tour was a Peruvian holiday, meaning Peruvians got into the museums for free. We interacted with many adults and children that day.)

  • Did you feel your money was going to local businesses and people?

I do. Just being in North Peru, where something minimal like 5% of tourists visit, felt like we were contributing to local and smaller business. We got to contribute to the economies of Trujillo and Chiclayo, which felt really great.

A few of the restaurant selections could have been more local or smaller business rather than hotels or tourist hubs, but I still largely felt we were contributing to local business.

  • Were you given any information regarding sustainability during the course of your trip (e.g. talks on environmental issues from guides)?

I don’t believe we were, but that would have been great, as my friend is an environmental scientist.

  • Did you notice any areas where environmental practices could be improved?

While there are recycling bins everywhere, which are even divided up by compost, plastic, glass, paper, etc., the bins are not used properly and contain waste.”

Intricate adobe brickwork at  Chan Chan .

Intricate adobe brickwork at Chan Chan.

Frazer x 2 - Northern Peru Archaeology Tour Review

Frazer x 2 - Northern Peru Archaeology Tour Review

Read the comments from an epic tour of Northern Peru’s archaeological hotspots.

  • In company of expert driver-guide, Ronald Watger.

  • Included Huaraz, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas & Cajamarca.

‘Mike and I had a truly wonderful trip round northern Peru …

O'Donnell x 2 - Pumarinri Lodge & Chachapoyas Review

O'Donnell x 2 - Pumarinri Lodge & Chachapoyas Review

Here are the comments from California couple, the O’Donnells, on their itinerary to Northern Peru that included:

  • 2 nights at Pumarinri Amazon Lodge with a boat trip on Huallaga River & hike to Pucayaquillo Waterfall.

  • Drive via Moyobamba & Abra Patricia to Cocachimba

  • 4 nights at Gocta Andes Lodge, with visits to archeological sites of Kuelap & Revash, Leymebamba Museum, and hike to Gocta Waterfall.

Reading List for Northern Peru and beyond

Reading List for Northern Peru and beyond

At PeruNorth, we certainly see travel as a mind-broadening exercise, and many clients enjoy reading about the region they are visiting before, during and after their trip.

Here is a list of recommended reads that range from scholarly works investigating specific pre-Columbian ruins or Amazon tribes, to fictional books offering a more general feel for the atmosphere of Latin America.

Elizabeth Harrold - Tour Diary - Gocta-Pumarinri-Iquitos

Elizabeth Harrold - Tour Diary - Gocta-Pumarinri-Iquitos

Read in her own words Elizabeth Harrold’s odyssey to Northern Peru, sampling various types of Amazon rainforest:

  • 4 days at an eco-lodge in cloud forest (Gocta).

  • 2 days at a lodge in high rainforest (Pumarinri).

  • Finally, a 4-day cruise on the Amazon River itself (M/V Zafiro).

Girczyc-Blum - Patagonia & Santiago Testimonial

Girczyc-Blum - Patagonia & Santiago Testimonial

This is a review of a nine-day itinerary, starting in Calafate, Argentina and ending in Santiago de Chile, taking in El Chalten, Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine along the way.

Morley & Southam - Chachapoyas & Tarapoto Testimonial

Morley & Southam - Chachapoyas & Tarapoto Testimonial

This is a review of a nine-day itinerary, starting at Jaen Airport, spending five nights in the Chachapoyas region, visiting various ruins and Gocta Waterfall, before driving to Tarapoto for three nights at Pumarinri Amazon Lodge in the montane rainforest:

“Overall, we had a great trip and saw some incredible things

Reynoso Family Testimonial - Chachapoyas

Reynoso Family Testimonial - Chachapoyas

We as a family had a wonderful time. The department of Amazonas (where Chachapoyas and Kuelap are located) is a very beautiful area of Peru, something that we were not aware of. The plantations fields and "greenery" of the mountains are worth the trip. Add Kuelap and friendliness of the people is a plus.

Cacao in Northern Peru ... and where to see it ... and eat it.

Cacao in Northern Peru ... and where to see it ... and eat it.
  • Cacao, the raw ingredient of chocolate, increasingly important cash crop in Peru.

  • Details of cacao plant, its history & use.

  • Description of chocolate-making process.

  • Where to see the plant & the process in Tarapoto.