Amazon Lodges In Northern Peru

  • Northern Peru has superb selection of eco-lodges in various Amazon eco-systems.

  • Many are located in Low Amazon region around Iquitos.

  • Others egs to be found in montane rainforest around Tarapoto & cloud forest near Gocta Waterfall.

Two-thirds of Peru's territory is classed as Amazon Rainforest, and of that, over half of it lies within Northern Peru. The city of Iquitos has always been a major gateway to visiting Amazonia, as not only is it the launching point for all of Peru’s river cruises, but also has a bewildering range of lodges to choose from.

Now, with regular direct flights to and from Cusco - as well as Lima and Tarapoto - a visit to the Amazon around Iquitos is easier than ever.

But Iquitos is by no means the only option in the area. Lodges found at higher altitudes - as the Amazon rainforest meets the Andes Mountains - have long been popular with birders and naturalists, who relish the variety of eco-systems that accompany the dramatic topography.

And the higher the lodge, the better the chance for dramatic views over the surrounding countryside. Nowhere is this better exemplified than at Gocta Andes Lodge, with views of Gocta Waterfall and the surrounding cloud forest, from all parts of the hotel.

Here are some of our favourites: