Flights to, from & within South America

When researching flights, we recommend you get a quote from our trusted air partner Exito Travel

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PeruNorth's expertise is in Northern Peru and the Amazon region, offering you first-hand knowledge, experience and a personalized service. The good people at Exito offer a similar know-how for your flight arrangements. They have over 20 years' experience as Latin America flight specialists offering competitive rates and individual attention.

Moreover, by booking your flights with a human being, you will have a direct contact, in the unlikely event that things go awry.   

So, to get a quote for your flights, you can submit a request to Exito Travel here.

Please note that, if taking a Galapagos Islands cruise, the flights from / to mainland Ecuador are usually provided by the boat operator, so as to ensure connection with embarkation and disembarkation. 

BTW, working with Jane [of Exito Travel] on the domestic flights was a real pleasure. We will definitely use her services in the future.
— Steve & Ruina - Smithfield, VA