Muyuna Amazon Lodge

  • Intimate Amazon Lodge on Yanayacu River 140 km (87 miles) from Iquitos.

  • Located in Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve - great for wildlife.

  • River dolphins abundant in surrounding waterways - can be listened to using headphones & underwater microphones.

  • Spend a night camping in the jungle on the 6-day Full Adventure itinerary


Muyuna prices & itineraries

Prices below are per person, and include all transfers, excursions with English-speaking guide and meals while at Muyuna Amazon Lodge.

ItineraryLengthPrices From
3 Days£323 / $405 pp
Two Sunsets4 Days£418 / $524 pp
Fresh Water4 Days£523 / $655 pp
Birdwatching5 Days£504 / $631 pp
Majestic River6 Days£572 / $718 pp

What our clients say about Muyuna Amazon Lodge:

What a trip! The Peruvian Amazon is an unparalleled haven of biodiversity, and we were really happy to be able to share some time together. We have been friends for over 23 years, and our Amazon trip allowed us time to catch fish, catch up, and take stock of what really matters.

Being able to fish while we were surrounded by monkeys, dolphins, sloths, butterflies, and a huge array of birds was incredible.

Thanks for setting up everything at Muyuna Lodge! I’ll certainly be in touch.
— Brendan Hieber & Jimmy Carmichael - Dallas, TX.