Amazon Lowlands Birding 4-Day Tour

  • A four-day birding adventure to Amazon Lowlands at San Lorenzo del Marañon.

  • Three nights' basic accommodation, with all meals, in low Amazonia.

  • Flights (included) from and to Tarapoto or Yurimaguas. 



Set Departure Dates (designed to coincide with our 15-day Northern Peru Birding Route trip): 

  • 2019: Oct 1 - 4

    Please note that we can organise a private tour at any time of the year.


Local air fares fluctuate, so please ask us for latest price.  


4-Day Amazon Lowlands Birding Itinerary:

Day 1: Fly to San Lorenzo (All meals)

After breakfast, we take a small plane from Tarapoto or Yurimaguas Airport for the short flight to San Lorenzo, a small town on the banks of the Marañon River in Loreto Province. Wildlife here is typical of the lowland rivers flowing into the Amazon at Iquitos. The area is of particular interest to birders after the discovery of the White-masked Antbird.

Having checked into our rustic accommodation, and had lunch, we head off in mototaxis - the typical local transport - to a nearby area, for birding. 

Dinner and overnight at Posada del Apu (basic room with fan and shared bathroom).

Possible birds: Bartlett's Tinamou; Agami Heron; Buckley's Forest-Falcon; Chestnut-headed Crake; Long-tailed Potoo; Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet; Black-bellied & Pheasant Cuckoo; Fiery Topaz; Green-tailed Goldenthroat; Yellow-billed & White-chinned Jacamars; Black-throated Trogon; Pied & Rufous-necked Puffbirds; Rusty-breasted Nunlet; Rufous-breasted Piculet; Long-billed & Elegant Woodcreeper; White-masked, Bicoloured, Lunulated, Black-tailed & Allpahuayo Antbirds; Short-billed Leaftosser; Black-necked Red Cotinga; Black Bushbird; Slender-billed Xenops; Lesser Hornero; White-bellied, Speckled & Parker's Spinetails; Pearly Antshrike; White-eyed & Ancient Antwrens; White-lored Antpitta; Cinnamon Tyrant-Manakin; Cinnamon & Citron-bellied Attilas; Pompadour Cotinga; White-breasted Wood-Wren; Chestnut-shouldered Antwren; Yellow-crowned Elaenia; Three-striped, Streaked, Yellow-throated & Orange-eyed Flycatchers; Hooded & Black & White Tanagers; Pearly-breasted Conebill; Epaulet Oriole; Band-tailed Oropendola.

Day 2: San Lorenzo: Puente Machete (All Meals)

Early breakfast followed by departure in mototaxi to Machete Bridge, 20 minutes away, in order to explore a 300 m (1,000 ft) trail, where we will look for White-masked Antbird and other species.

We take a picnic lunch with us to eat when hunger takes hold.

Dinner and overnight at the Posada del Apu (basic room with fan and shared bathroom).

Possible birds: White-masked Antbird; Yellow-billed Jacamar; Red-bellied Macaw; Black-banded Woodcreeper; Blue-crowned & White-crowned Manakin; White-browed Purpletuft; Cinnamon Manakin-tyrant; Black-necked Red-Cotinga; Collared & Spotted Puffbird; Royal Flycatcher; Citron-bellied Attila; White-chested Swift; Stipple-throated, White-eyed & Brown-backed Antwren; Slate-colored Hawk; Bare-necked Fruitcrow.

Day 3: San Lorenzo: Quebrada Sabalo (All Meals)

Another early breakfast, before we head to Sabalo Creek (quebrada), exploring several spots in search of gallery forest birds.

We follow a local trail around San Juan de Sabalo village, looking for other lowland species. As yesterday, we take a picnic lunch with us to eat when hunger strikes.

Dinner and overnight at Posada del Apu (basic room with fan and shared bathroom).

Possible birds: Black-tailed Trogon; Epaulet Oriole; Hooded Tanager; Silvered Antbird; Maroon-tailed Parakeet; Paradise Jacamar; Golden-green Woodpecker; Tiny Hawk; White-eared Puffbird; Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture; Moriche Oriole; Black Bushbird; Purple-throated Fruitcrow; White-crowned Manakin; Amazonian Motmot; Glittering-throated Emerald; Striped Manakin; Spotted Puffbird; Great Jacamar; Plain-crowned Spinetail; Green Oropendola.

Day 4: San Lorenzo to Tarapoto (Breakfast) 

After breakfast, we transfer back to the local airport for our journey back to Tarapoto.

Once back in Tarapoto, there may be time for birding at Ricuricocha Lagoon.

Possible birds: Black-bellied Whistling Duck; Comb Duck; Speckled Chachalaca; Least Grebe; Great Egret; Limpkin; Striated & Cocoi Heron; Pearl & Snail Kite; Purple Gallinule; Wattled Jacana; Blue Ground-dove; Canary-winged Parakeet; Red-stained Woodpecker; Straight-billed Woodcreeper; Barred Antshrike; Rusty-fronted Tody-flycatcher; crakes & rails.

Later, we transfer you back to Tarapoto Airport for your onward travel; or you may choose to stay longer in Tarapoto in order to begin another birding adventure, given the species abundance of the region: